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Restaurant Marketing
Bluetooth technology can be used in bars and restaurants to enhance the experience.

1. Marketing messaging: The obvious benefit to using this technology is its ability to push out coupons, deals and marketing messages. Imagine a group of friends moving around on the streets trying to decide where to have lunch and all of a sudden, one of them is alerted to an offer of unlimited cold drink with any purchase at your restaurant? This kind of interaction might obviously influence their decision to visit your restaurant. This value addition is critical for you when you’re looking to rise above the competition in a highly crowded space.

2. Delivering tailored menu to loyal customers:
Every restaurant owner including you loves a loyal customer and Bluetooth devices make it easier to reward them. You could create a special menu or a secret dish for your loyal customer based on his previous orders and selections. When they enter your restaurant, push a notification to them letting them know what’s special on the menu that they would love.  

3. Let your customers know how crowded the restaurant is before they arrive: Keeping customers informed about how busy your restaurant is at a particular time is one way of cutting down on the time they need to wait. Deploying Bluetooth devices around your restaurant will, in turn, provide real-time information on how many people are actually dining inside at a given point in time. You could also leverage the technology to notify your customers with an estimate of the restaurant traffic on the hourly basis based on the learning from previous days.

4. Custom pricing for different customers:
When it comes to winning over a customer, it’s not a bad idea to play with dynamic pricing. You could deliver incentive pricing to someone who’s never been to your restaurant. Push a notification to them about this exclusive incentive pricing. Not just for new customers, but you could also notify loyal customers about their 7th free sandwich!  

5. Get a better insight into your restaurant and bar traffic:
It’s always an advantage to optimize with data. You would surely have your busy vs slow days. With the footfall data from Bluetooh devices, you can efficiently manage your staff and services. Maybe you do not really need 5 bar staff on the second floor on a Tuesday, or you need an extra attender around the tables nearer to the entry gate.  

6. Allow guests to make mobile payments: One of the challenges in a dining experience is waiting for the bill. What if you could just let your diners pay online? Bluetooth devices can allow them to pay their bill right from their phones by directing them to a secure restaurant-branded microsite that collects their payment method. A lot of studies reveal that it’s much more convenient for customers to go up and pay rather than waiting for the bill. Why not just smoothen the experience?